Sunday, 13 December 2009

My first full day in my new home!

Today started off very well....

Far from not being house trained I impressed everyone by not only sleeping for most of the night (whenever I didn't hear people moving about and went to investigate) but also by not insisting on my long morning walk before everyone had had their breakfast!

Son tried his luck by laying on my bed so I gave him what-for lick wise so I don't think he'll be trying that again in the near future!

I love cuddling and watching TV with Son and Daughter they really make me happy... but Daughter is sometimes too much for me to handle...she is like that cartoon girl who says she'll 'Love 'em and hug 'em and squeeze 'em' do you know the one I mean? She means well but I think if she keeps on like that I'll have to get used to my crate and go there for sanctuary!

I went for a lovely long walk with Mummy, Son and Daughter and Son even picked up some of my 'leavings' ... I could tell Mummy was very impressed! lol...

I'm really not having a happy time with my crate :( .....

After leaving me for increasing time periods yesterday they all left me in there for 15 minutes and I wasn't happy at all! I thought they weren't coming back! Georgie's mummy texted Mummy to say that I really didn't sound happy and that made Mummy all sad ... I wish I could get used to the feelings I get when they all go. I am comfy, fed and warm with some toys in there but I want to be with them every minute of every day and it tears me apart when they don't want to be with me all the time too :(

Mummy says the sound of me upset tears her apart too :( ... Mummy's friends tell her that I will get used to it in the end, but she says it's like when Son and Daughter were babies all over again... she can hear all my upset in my barks and whimpers... but I am sure once I have been here for a while that we'll all get used to the fact that we can't be together 24/7

After all I am very new in my Forever Home.... I think I am doing very well, considering... and so do the rest of the family

Mummy will just have to be very patient with me and I'm sure in a little while we'll be looking back on this and laughing at how we muddled through CrateGate....

Lots of Love

Sophie xxxxx

Funny moment - Mummy's friend came round today and when she came to leave shouted for her son 'BEN!' ... I thought she shouted 'Bed!' so I got on my bed... and looked up proudly... Mummy laughed so much! ... but was very very proud of me ...


  1. Awww Sophie you sound very much like our pup Cooper who didn't like having to sleep in the kitchen at first because of all the strange noises the back fence makes when it's windy. But he really did get used to it and knows he isn't being punished for anything now. And actually goes out there to sleep of his own accord sometimes now - especially when the kids get a bit to much for him :)

  2. Aww sophie sounds like your settling in well. They won't go and leave you anymore than they have to. sorry to hear you don't like your crate but at least you don't have to be in it much. Think of it as a dog palace. Bet your new family are giving you lots of hugs and encouragement.