Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adoption Day! (12/12/09)

I was so so so excited that my adoption day had come but first Mummy, Daddy, Son and Daughter had to complete all my adoption forms and have a talk by a very nice man so that they knew more of what to expect from me during the first few days.

After they had all learned more about my needs I was brought out to them and I was so happy I couldn't stop wagging my tail!

We got into the car and I laid on Mummy's leg as it was so comfy and I was really excited to be going to my new home!

We stopped at Pets at Home and I was allowed in to have a look while Mummy and Daddy bought me a new collar. I even chatted with a couple of other dogs that were walking around the shop and told them just how excited I was to be off to pastures new!

When we got home I had a good sniff around and Georgie, a jack russell from next door, came round to introduce herself and I tried to play with her but she was more interested in barking at the cat from next door who is sure that the top of the shed in my yard is hers.... I shall have to teach him that this is my domain now...I'm sure he'll get the message in the end....

I went for a lovely long walk with Daddy in the field at the back of my new house- look how big it is! I think I'm going to have lots of fun having walks around here, especially in the summer!

The night didn't go so well. Mummy and Daddy thought that I wasn't house trained so they had a crate in the kitchen that I was supposed to sleep in but I got so upset (and so did Mummy!!!) that they decided to have a rethink and let me lay on my blanket in the front room with Daddy. I behaved myself very well and it turned out that I am house trained so I won't have to spend much time in that nasty crate overnight and I can sleep upstairs on my bed near my new family without them worrying too much that there will be accidents. I am going to spend some time in it when Mummy pops out for 20 mins to take Daughter to and from school but I'm going to be brave and try to get used to it as I am sure Mummy will keep coming back for me! I have been in there on and off today with the door open so that I can get used to being in there and I'm going to try really hard as I love to please my new family by being brave. I just get really scared that they won't come back :(

Mummy and Daddy are very impressed with me so far. I don't bark as a general rule unless something really upsets me, I am sociable with other dogs when out for a walk on my lead and I'm generally a very chilled out pooch.... I could have told them that already but they really had to find out for themselves I guess!


Sophie xxxxxx

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