Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adoption minus 1 week (5/12/09)

Hello! :)

Mummy, Daddy, Son and Daughter came to see me at the Dog's Trust in Darlington today and I was so excited to see them! There had been other people interested in taking me home with them but they changed their minds. Mummy in particular was very excited to come and take me for a walk today... I showed them all how very strong I was so that they didn't stop thinking about me for the whole of the next week before they saw me for my adoption!

Mummy sometimes isn't very strong so I showed her my power by leading *her* up the hill at the Dog's Trust...I could see she was very impressed was Daughter, as she has been a bit timid around other doggies before but I made her feel like she was the only person in my world and she melted! Mummy was very pleased, as everyone in the household was as excited about me as she was!

I could hardly wait the whole week until I saw them again but I whiled away the time saying goodbye to all my friends I had made at the Dog's Trust... the people that work there would be very sad to see me go as I had been such a Good Girl while I was there and made some of them laugh very much!

Mummy cried as she left as she thought I would think I was being abandoned by them since they weren't going to come back for such a long time! I tried to call after her that I would be ok but I don't think she heard.....

I hope you will enjoy reading about all my adventures!


Sophie xxxx

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