Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I went off the lead!

Son asked and asked and pestered and asked Mummy over and over and over...

..could he take me out without the lead?



Mummy always said no... because there are some rather nasty dogs around our way and some people don't keep them on leads... she was scared something would happen to me :(

..but last week she said Son could take me out in the field by her bedroom so she could see... I had such a great time! When I got back I couldn't stop panting!!!!!!

I can go off the lead in the field if there aren't any other dogs there.... I'm so happy!!!!

Here's me having a good old pant after my running about :

Dont I look happy?



  1. you look very happy sophie. bet you want to do that again soon.

  2. you've already done it before though haven't you? Come on..............own up!

  3. We have the same trouble here with not nice doggies not being on leads. You look like you had SO much fun Sophie :D

  4. :::sigh::: I am in love with Sophie - she just melts my heart xx